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Cinematic music, well, any music is an important part of life. Especially when you need it to help strengthen you or soothe the rough edges of a challenging day.

Isn’t it marvelous what music can do for the soul?

It’s a privilege to pair the tangibly raw with the delicate visions dancing across a screen. It’s what magic at the movies is all about. To align both arts, visual and sound, is such a treasure to us here at Synchoney.

There’s a sweet place in our hearts knowing that we have touched someones lives via the tunes we can make and even provide.

So, what is Cinematic Music?

What does a cinematic song look like, or rather, sound like? It sounds like a beautiful ocean wave, starting from far distance, gradually growing louder, taller, hitting the golden sand, but never crashing. It’s similar to a deep calling out of emotion without losing control. It’s like the perfect cup of tea, and whether it’s got sugar or tears, it’s incredibly gorgeous.

It’s music that can do what words cannot. Push and pull your emotions like the moon does the seas, and it carries the scenes of a film to the depths of your mind. This music tells a story through sound.

Generally a cinematic song for a movie has strings like violin and cello. Sometimes there’s even piano. In addition, it can have a lot of synth sounds. It’s rare that their would be rock-n-roll, drums or bass. Mostly acoustic, orchestral sounds, large swells, and crescendos. Electric guitar could work with the right narrative, but I guess that’s the point and purpose of a Cinematic song, the story of the moment. 

These musical moments are placed in movies when a strong emotion of love, elation, triumph, or even dark sadness needs to be conveyed. 

One of my favorites from our site is “Call of Destiny” by Josh Kramer. This one has beautiful piano and brooding builds, like someone struggling in murky waters discovers the salvation to the way out.

Another song that I really appreciate is “CORA” by Kevin Graham. It has slow, delicate, and thoughtful feelings that are translated through piano, electric guitar and synth.

Check out the rest on our site! We’re super pumped about them.

What’s even better is that we have an in-house studio with three, well designed recording spaces. So we could make something custom, too. It’s a pretty rad thing to see all our music family rally together to create something beautiful for the screen.



Loren Pappas


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