Better than Malibu. Like Sunshine in your pocket. But chill like a top shelf, on the rocks Margarita. Calm and wild like the sea. 

The Wild Now.

This duo from Austin, TX will have you grooving to their tunes, and feeling the beach waves. But really you’re just typing that next email, or turning your left blinker on to get home. But what a perfect way to transport yourself from a mindset of waiting on your evening Netflix choice, to a relaxed, worry-free smile. Their song, “Salt” really would be a great addition to some Patrón, and “Tides” would be the perfect sound to blast with your squad on your beach towel, but if you can’t bring Malibu to you, why not listen to something better. All day long. Their lyrics will inspire you, calm you down, and give you some fuel for your introspective soul. I’m serious. Their music just makes me feel care-free and breezy. And something else I love is the surprises they have in their tunes. Their new song “Tongue Tied” has something I did not expect. Saxophone.

Okay, before you say, “What?” Just go listen on Spotify. On every song I’m mesmerized by her percussive velvet vocals, and the beats that just keep me swaying. Before you decide via my words, that it’s only “beachy” tunes, just think about what I’ve already highlighted. It’s better, it’s elevated. The Wild now is an interesting mix of vibey and engaging. A contrast of deep and mellow that’s addicting. They’ve partnerd with David Beck to release their EP ‘Tides.’ And they’re currently working on some new sounds with Austin’s latest star Max Frost. They’ve got dreamy synths and stellar beats, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Taylor Baker and Drew Walker have us on the edge of our seats waiting.

So what are you waiting for? Go get those honey sounds!


Loren Pappas


Mountain Natives + SpeakHappi