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Support local music? Yes, we do! We have musicians that are from Austin, like The Wild Now (pictured above, click to read our blog about them), and all the way to Abilene (blog coming soon about a present day Bob Dylan), and others all over the DFW metroplex, like Zach Balch, McAllister, Mountain Natives, Repel the Robot, Cut Throat Finches, and more locals. 

Hey Local! Let’s find out what you need to get started. 

So of course, you get to put your full song up on the site. And it’s definitely what we at Synchoney enjoy listening to most: Your incredible local art. However, it’s always best to send in along with the full song, the instrumental tracks, as well.

Let me explain about instrumental tracks.

Submitting the instrumental tracks is key to getting your tunes in specialty videos. Not to say that your lyrics aren’t valuable and important, but sometimes, a commercial, movie, or video needs something that doesn’t take the center stage like an incredible lyric we know does. However, we have had people specifically ask for songs with vocal tracks, so it just depends on what’s needed. And being prepared for anything, is what counts. On top of that, some videos need something powerful, but more simple. For example, it may be a wise decision to also send all the stem tracks.

What are stem tracks?

Stems tracks are all the individual tracks to one song. Like you may have piano, guitar, lead vocals, harmonies, more harmonies, electric guitar, bass, drums, bongos, shakers, and so much more. However, it’s an important part of getting synced if you provide all the individual stems. This will help us to align you with the right videos, that may need just your meaningful, soulful electric guitar track, rather than the whole package. Does that make sense?

To conclude, it’s important to prepared with ALL the tracks, final mix, have the instrumentals, and the stems, too.

So come on! Whatcha waiting’ for? Get in touch with us and let’s get you a part of our Synchoney family!


Photo cred: @tuckerwmitchellphoto picture of The Wild Now at a SoFar show.


Loren Pappas


Mountain Natives + SpeakHappi