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 Spotify Playlist. Hit Repeat. You literally won’t be able to help yourself on Remy Shuck’s music. Imagine your mind swimming in mesmerizing, ambient beats, and perfect vocals. In addition, his complex concepts allow you to see new perspective on the juxtaposition of vulnerability and power. This is something that not all artists do well.
Transparent vs. Vulnerable
As a musician, you have to find that fine line between being transparent and vulnerable in your lyrics. They are not the same thing. Transparent is showing everything, no mystery. While being vulnerable is opening yourself up for others to speak into a specific area in your life. His music is vulnerable, as a result, elevates you to feel vulnerable.
What I want to highlight is that while listening to his music, you actually feel as if you’re in conversation with song. His poetry inquires of your soul an answer. And your response to his vulnerable song allows you to be so. 
Furthermore, you also have to fill your lyrics with imagery, metaphors, synonyms to genuinely express what emotion you want to convey. And not be cheesy. Well, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese, but it needs to be well aged. Not from a can. Do you follow? His music is well-aged wisdom, served in the best possible form. Sound waves.
His song “Undone” is literally one of my favorites. Every time I listen to it, I shamlessly hit repeat several times. It takes me on an incredible journey of the heart, through waves of synths, wet vocals, harmonies, subtle swells, and those powerfully, vulnerable words. 

Spotify Playlist

We’re super proud of him. He was recently added to one of Spotify’s popular playlists called “New Music Friday.” They added the re-mix of the song “Stone Behind My Ribs.” He and Ethan C Davis collaborated for this re-mix. It’s dope. Go listen. And hit repeat.


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