Hello Shannon

Hello!?!? Have you heard of her?

She’s this incredible singer, writer, and performer. A true beauty that hold’s you captive with the melodies and harmonies of her voice. Even cooler, is she gets to do this with her husband. And he plays some stellar electric guitar. 

It’s pretty amazing to hear their inspiring sounds and interesting loops that they tether together like a braid of golden light. They have the sweetest electronics, which allows them layer vocals to the extreme. The feel and sound of a thousand waterfalls. It’s powerful, mesmerizing, and quite addicting to listen to.


We’re obsessed with her song Bluebird. It starts out gentle, calming, a trickle hinting at the darkness that all musicians deal with at some point in their lives. A healing journey leading you to the strength that you can find within. It’s amazing. You need to go listen to it.

Think about a mix of Kimbra, Florence and the Machine, and Gungor. Now meld all the best parts of them together. Kimbra’s vocals, Florence’s sounds, and Gungor’s lyrics. Et voila! You have someone who will completely blow your mind.

New Single Out!

She has a new single out called “Slowly.” See the video. You will seriously watch it twice, it’s fantastic. And you will have this worm in your ear for long afterwards.


Photo By @KathyTranx


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