You’re looking at the sky. Down below, you peer across a lake and there are tiny spurts of light that reflect off of one another. There’s a natural beauty which can only be seen through human eyes. You close your eyes and take it in. Yet, a foreboding sense of melancholy overtakes the setting whilst a private jet flies through the clouds above. A speed boat races through the water creating ripples that reach from the center of the water to you. You are overcome with sheer joy and sadness at the same time. A natural environment has been interrupted by the makings of man, but it’s working. The two can live in harmony. This is one of the many scenes that can be conveyed by post-rock. It is also one of the many scenes I imagined while listening to Denton, Texas’ very own Across Waters.

Defined By…

Across Waters is defined by their ability to meld the beautiful, reverb-heavy guitar work of predecessors like Explosions in the Sky with symphonic, atmospheric swirls of lesser known post-rock acts like Mono (Japan). Their instrumental approach to post-rock incorporates drones and ambience. At the same time, they’ll hit you over the head with overlapping arpeggios riddled with delay and a punk-driven drum beat in the background. The bass sits steadily in the mix. It lies idle in the depths down below while the treble soars high above the water in the clouds. They comb through different styles with ease. Some of their guitar work is reminiscent of the very melodic riffs of late 90s emo music, Next, they’ll move on to a quaint section that calls upon rhythms of jazz fusion and math rock.

These are some of the many traits that Across Waters does well. Obviously, you will have to listen for yourself to truly take in the intimacy they can create with acoustic and electronic instruments alike. Also, if they’re playing a show, make sure to try to see them. Like their brothers and sisters in other post-rock outfits, it is sure to be ethereal.

Written By: Nick Lawrence

Edited By: Loren Pappas


Loren Pappas


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