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Wedding Videographers. The Best. Get ready to ball your freaking eyes out.

Okay, seriously. First go get yourself some (a lot of) tissues. Then go get a piece of paper. Number it from 1 to 5. Next take a guess for each wedding video, how long you think it will take you to cry. 60 Seconds? 120 Seconds? Afterward you can see my comments and tears below. 

WedFlix Productions

A group that is doing very fine things. Slow, emotional. As a result you literally hang on every cherished moment. No peaking at my answer, make your guess, watch, THEN scroll to see my seconds.

Watch here!  

Tally it up buttercup. When did you THINK you would start the water works? Be honest, now when did you ACTUALLY tear it up? I legit had to stop this half way through, because I would have sobbed. Actually wait, let’s be candid, I was at best a third into the vid. 

The Film Poets

These guys need a medal or something. In love with how they catch every tender memory in a deeply moving way. Furthermore, it’s as if you’re actually there. And it’s not weird. Rather, you feel like you’re a part of this family’s life.

Watch here

Write it down ya softy. Although I’m embarrassed to share this, I didn’t even try not to cry, because that house is my dream house. Truth, I tell my husband often, “Double wrap around.” Actually, I tell him more often, “Cat porch dream,” which in my mind means the exact same. I’m stalling here. Legit didn’t even make it 2 seconds before the waterfalls.

Cre8tive Wedding Films

Team winning! Stunning footage and aerial shots. Fun moments captured with happy tunes. Therefore, they are helping me win. In contrast, a question to you my fine-blog-reading-friend… are you winning this game? Probably. I cry at bank commercials.

Watch here

Cre8tive Wedding Films did a phenomenal job showcasing all the happy times. Perhaps I cried, or maybe I just don’t want to admit it, but I really did feel all the warm fuzzies. And I have to humble-brag, they used a Synchoney song here by Ty Mayfield. Cheers!

Cre8tive Wedding Films- again!

Okay this one. I just adore this one because it has such joyful, celebrating music! The filming makes me want to jump in, dance, and crash this party! I love the cuts they did with the music. They did a stellar job highlighting the energy and joy. I must brag again, they did use a music gem from Ty Mayfield. So proud. 

Watch here

So did you cry at this one? Are you even writing this down? Because we’re trying to find out who’s winning. So make your mark. Get set. I made it 1/4 through before crying. Don’t judge me.

Monawar Studios Wedding Films

Get yourself another box of tissues, because oh my word. Monawar Studios Wedding Films is gold. No really. What an incredible mix of joy and emotions.

Watch here

All the tears. I’m done. Go away. Get me some chocolate icecream and nutella. In conclusion, I’ll be wrapped in my fuzzy blanket the rest of the day listening to Synchoney’s Wedding Playlist.



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