Feb 28th, 2017
Andrew Ryan


Marcus Bagala (also known as Moose), originally from Maine, is a Berklee School of Music graduate currently working and residing in Queens, NY. The multi-instrumentalist, composer has a number of impressive credits to his name including: original synth design for the Golden Globe award winning and nominated (respectively) Showtime series’ The Affair & Ray Donovan and composing and producing original music for NPR’s This American Life.

Bagala’s work may not scream ‘WOW’ or cut it’s way through to top-40 radio, but that’s his secret! Whether it’s a soft synth backing or a slow-building suspenseful build, Marcus knows how to hit his mark. If you aren’t impressed by the aforementioned placements, he’s also landed synth designs on feature films American Ultra, Rock the Kashba (a must see for anyone in the music/entertainment industry) and Nicholas Sparks inspired, The Choice.  Oh yea, you can the NFL Network to Marcus’s long list of accomplishments.

As a performer, Marcus has seen the stage as a guitarist, bassist, mandolinist, pianist, ukulel…ist…. you get the point. This guy is oozing with talent and itching for more work!

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